Creating music material:


* Writing instrumental    * Create arrangements   * Writing Lyrick  * Record vocals in recording studios in Moscow, London, Los Angeles


* Mixed and mastered in the US

  Recording studios, partners in the United States: Universal, Warner Brothers, Kenye West studio, Doctor Dre studio and etc.


* Shooting video clips at a high level (with the assistance of the best film crew, director and cameraman)


Quality control by the agency.


                                                             Preparation artists and image making:


* Vocal lessons (with leading teachers of Russia and the world)   * Choreography (with the best choreographers of Russia and the world)


* Acting lessons    * Working with leading stylists   * Create a unique image and style


Quality control on the part of the agency




* Articles in the press    * Organization esters on television and radio    * Promotion in social networks - Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte


* Progress in youtube    * Outdoor advertising     * Printed advertising material    * The organization of concerts


* Presentations     * Record single with the world's leading artists    * Organize a promotional concert tours and educational and recreational trips in the US and Europe.


* Shooting in movies and TV series     * Exclusive Shooting film projects and reality show    * Creation of brand name clothing for artist


Quality control on the part of the agency




                                                                                                                                                       Here you can pick from a variety of artists that we have